What is The Chevra
    A chevra kadisha that will both keep funeral expenses low and make sure that all burials are done in strict observance of halacha and Jewish custom.
    By filling out the membership form.
    Membership entitles each member to a cemetery lot with the adjacent space to be reserved for a spouse, if any.
    Baltimore, Maryland
    We have a map, located here. And the alphabetical list of members plots is here.
    Someone will contact you to arrange the services.
    The Board of Directors, listed here

    Today, Chevra Ahavas Chesed continues in its primary purpose as a burial society, chevra Kadisha.  The Chevra also makes substantial financial contributions to day schools, Shaarei Zedek hospital, various tzedakas in Eretz Yisrael, and other institutions in need of regular financial help.

    Contact the Chevra at 410-707-5063 for more information.